The grand old building has stood the test of time and is an integral part of Laidley history


Built in 1894 by Peter Neilsen, with bricks manufactured in his own Laidley brickworks.

Mr Peter Neilsen was a prominent Laidley businessman, who served his community on many boards and the local town Council. 

Mr Neilsen was Mayor of Laidley Town Council in 1908, and was famous for the old saying "there is nothing like leather" when promoting his very fine saddlery stock.

The full story of Neilsen's place is presented on history boards
on permanent display in the building

Neilsen's Place History
Neilsens Place History
History of Laidley

In 2015, this icon of Laidley for over a century was refurbished and, with a new coat of paint, returned to commercial use as a buisiness incubator. 

The building was named in honour of its original owner and builder Mr Peter Neilsen, and is now known as Neilsen's Place.