Neilsen's Place
Neilsen's Place

Crystals & Jewelry
Crystals & Jewelry

Entrance Neilsen's Place
Entrance Neilsen's Place

Entrance to Neilsen's Place in Laidley Heritage Mall

Neilsen's Place
Neilsen's Place


Neilsen's Place, Laidley

This grand old building supports local business by providing commercial opportunity in the centre of Laidley’s main street. 

Opportunities include:

  • Laidley Business Incubator – supporting new business to start

  • Your office away from home – permanent or casual

  • An outreach base for visiting support services

  • Meeting rooms for 2 – 8 people

  • Co-working spaces with access to high speed internet


You can support some new local businesses whilst discovering the region’s rich history.  Wander through this heritage-feel building and browse the range of products and services on offer.

If you want to know more about becoming part of Neilsen's Place, download one of our information flyers.


Laidley Business Incubator                                Office and meeting spaces


COVID-19 has disrupted operations of the site and its resident businesses.

Please check current status and/or opening times with individual operators.

Business Opportunities

Neilsen's Place is an environment where business can start to trade, test the market and build a customer base.  Located in the centre of Laidley an ideal place for retail and service businesses.

History of the building

Originally a saddlery and library, this structure was built in 1894 by Peter Neilsen, a former Mayor of Laidley.  Neilsen's Place,  has been restored to its former glory and houses growing Lockyer Valley businesses . 

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Neilsen's Place, Laidley business incubator, is an economic development initiative of Lockyer Valley Regional Council to support the growth and development of new and early stage businesses.